Sangam is the chamber music duo of sitarist Paul Livingstone and cellist Peter Jacobson. Sangam performs innovative compositions and improvisations straddling the worlds of Indian classical music and European polyphony which arc between deep musical meditations to dynamic polyrhythmic counterpoint. Their unique sound is imbibed with the free spirit of a jazz improvisation and incorporates touches of Latin and popular music styles.

Sangam means 'a confluence of rivers', it is a meeting place of disparate streams flowing into one. Paul & Pete have been recording and touring together for over 15 years performing with Arohi Ensemble, Build an Ark and Quartetto Fantastico among many other projects born of the globalized Los Angeles creative music community. They have been featured on three Grammy Award-winning records artists such as with Ozomatli, Quetzal & Ricky Kej. 

SANGAM Fall 2021 Update:

Sangam just returned from a Southwest Tour.  We're very excited about sitar cello duet recordings for the audiophile label, Yarlung Records that were made at the inspiring Imhof Studio in Taos.  These exquisite releases will be dropped in 2022, including one record of innovations of classical ragas and another album of spontaneous improvisations.  Stay tuned here for highlights & interviews from that recording session!

On Labor Day morning Pete and Paul collaborated with Diné friends in a peaceful natural setting near the Pinedale community of the Navajo Nation. We were joined by Shawna Begay, who composed the healing prayer in the Navajo language featured below. The prayer is followed by an interview and music by Watson 'Watts" Billie Jr, founder of 'Rockin Life' a suicide prevention organization on the Navajo Rez.