The music of Arohi Ensemble weaves the classical ragas and intricate rhythmic architectures of South Asia with the counterpoint of Western chamber music. Latin and jazz poly-rhythms weave through this synthesis of traditions. Arohi brings a unique blend of sitar, bansuri (bamboo flute) & woodwinds, cello, tabla and drums together.  Guest artists range from classical Indian and spiritual jazz vocals, to sarod and the South Indian ghatum (clay pot). 

An "ascending melody", arohi is a metaphor for the spiritual quest.  Artists from USA and India, Canada and Venezuela take a journey in music.  From the stillness of the meditative ragas the music stretches into dynamic polyrhythms, solos and interactive improvisation expressed in the free spirit of jazz. The ensemble includes disciples of the legendary Pandit Ravi Shankar, playing on multiple Grammy-winning records.

Arohi brings east & west together in a new way, of cohesive and exciting ragajazz chamber music.

Ahimsa, Love is a Weapon of the Brave

Arohi Ensemble

The Ahimsa record is dedicated to our capacity for a relentless pursuit of truth and a complete spectrum of human dignity, freedom and equality for all. Love is our only weapon in the battle to transform violence fortified by courage to endure without retaliation, now more than ever we need tool called nonviolence.
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