Raga Meditations

RagaJazz Records is  releasing a new series of contemporary east/west soundscapes suitable for yoga, meditation, and any relaxation time.  With rejuvenating healing sounds of South Asian melody, this may be your next soundtrack to rest the body and spirit. This series brings authentic ragas expressed in an evocative east/west string ensemble. Enjoy traditional strings plucked and bowed strings including sitar, sarod, sarangi, with upright bass, fretless and fretted guitars and keys augmented by stylized production, and gentle atmospheric percussion and sounds of nature.

Waters of Siloam (raga meditations #1)

Paul Livingstone

Sounds for quieting the spirit in these tumultuous times, enjoy this peaceful musical medicine. These contemporary raga meditations feature sitar, upright bass and tranquil textures of ambient guitar soundscapes. This EP launches a new series of contemplative music we're releasing over the next 3 months.

The intention of this music is to fortify the inner experience, to be the best of who we truly are. May the music help reconcile our hearts and minds in the midst of a suffering humanity, that we may be strengthened for loving service in the times to come.

Titles are inspired by the healing miracle of vision in the 9th chapter of the book of John. "Seeing Anew" is a musical meditation for a healthy vision and mental state to combat fear and anxiety. "Cleansing" is a deeper re-humanizing plunge into a pool of collective healing. A flowing prayer for overcoming of the deep dis-ease of division, bigotry and the scapegoating of our fellow humans around the world and around the corner.
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Paul Livingstone & Pankaj Mishra

Beatitude is a raga meditation exploring the counter-cultural values of the sermon on the mount and the radical way of Jesus. Sitar and sarangi are accompanied by upright bass and contemporary soundscape textures. Based upon Raga Desh, the beatitude/blessing of 'purity of heart' is from where, according to the text we gain spiritual vision.
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