‘Time to Rise’ poem by Lucy Grace with new music from Gandhi 3.0 

Sharing this poem ‘Time to Rise’ by Lucy Grace, inspired by our gathering earlier this month set to a fresh edit of new music I am releasing this year. I recorded Lucy on the final day of our amazing Jan 2024 Gandhi 3.0 convergence of beautiful souls from around the world in Ahmadabad. We had a indescribable time of collective visioning at the Environmental Sanitation Institute and learning at the Sabarmati Ashram founded by Gandhi in 1915 where I had the blessing to perform as well.  Wow, there was so much more inspiration I will try to unpack later, for now enjoy this poem and music!

With Poet from New Zealand, Lucy Grace at Gandhi 3.0

Our amazing group of Heartivists from around the world at the steps of the 
Environmental Sanitation Institute.

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