Sangam Video - A Musical Prayer in Navajo Land

Enjoy this new Soul Force video from the 'Sangam Southwest Tour' with Navajo musicians & activists. 

While on their Southwest Tour, Pete and Paul collaborated Labor Day morning with Diné friends in a peaceful natural setting near the Pinedale community of the Navajo Nation. Sangam was joined by Shawna Begay, who composed this healing prayer in the Navajo language. This was featured in our Soul Force Project monthly offering 'Music Meditation Medicine' for September. The prayer is followed by an interview with Watson 'Watts" Billie Jr, founder of 'Rockin Life' a suicide prevention organization working with diverse communities around Arizona and New Mexico. Rockin' Life provides performance opportunities to individuals struggling with poverty, addiction, and depression. We close with Sangam accompanying Watts on his original song 'Blue Rain’, a musical reflection on his own challenges with these issues.

For more information about the healing work of 'Rockin Life' on and around the Navajo/Diné reservation visit and support them on their facebook page. For more information about the Sangam cello sitar duo visit the Sangam page of Paul's website.

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