Soul Force Music Videos Summer 2020

Just released two videos celebrating themes of nonviolences in black American history.  Dwight Trible & Friends perform "Roll Call / Justice" by Abou Salim + debut of our 'Nonviolence Works' series with a tribute to CT Vivian & John Lewis…

Music Video release (español)

Over the past 12 years, I have been collobraing on recordings and concerts in US & México with Laura Rebolloso, Jarocha musician, composer, poet and educator from Xalapa, Veracruz.  Enjoy this timely new music video of hers with artists from…

Livecast Concert, Soul Force

Balam and I will be performing a free concert on Sunday, May 24th at 5pm PDT! I'll be on upright bass and sitar, he'll be on guitar. Join us for some bluesy, jazzy funkiness!

Weekly 'Ragas & Rhythms' free Zoom Workshop for musicians

For class PDF downloads click thru the graphic above. This online workshop is going to push us toward mastering fundamentals of three things based on constant inquiry of three simple questions: 

  1. Raga intonation (we ask - is it in tune?)